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Rust Proofing (Electronic Unit)

Protect your investment with Rust Proofing services from Salisbury Collision Centre.

Most vehicles are likely to show some rust within 6 or 7 years if not serviced with a Rust Proofing treatment. Salisbury Collision Centre uses only the highest quality electronic products from the world’s leading electronic rust protection companies. An electronic system helps in extending the lives of vehicles and machinery, reducing repair costs and increasing resale value.

Why Choose Electronic Rust Protection?

  • All Metal On Vehicle Is Protected
  • No Chemicals
  • Zero Interference
  • Transferable
  • Reduces Costly Rust Repairs
  • 12VDC Operation
  • Latest Technology

How It Works

The electronic system uses technology that interferes with the natural electrochemical rusting process. The system leverages an optimal combination of voltage and frequency to provide maximum corrosion suppression.


Salisbury Collision Centre will professionally install an electronic system consisting of the main unit and 2, 4 or 6 coupler pads (depending on your vehicle), which are interconnected via a wiring harness. Installation time is typically around 2 hours.

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