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Windscreen & Glass Replacement or Repair in Brisbane and a range of other car solutions

Posted on March 7, 2018 by Salisbury

Cars involved in major collisions need immediate repairs to get roadworthy again. On the other hand, scratches and dents due to minor brush offs and collisions also cannot be discounted because they not only look very bad, but also reduce the resell value of the car. Thus, scratches and dents need t

High-grade car repairing and Detailing services in Brisbane

Posted on by Salisbury

A plethora of car repair services ranging from minor repair jobs to major specialist tasks are all undertaken by Salisbury Collision Centre near Brisbane. Collision repairs of all kinds, as well as parts replacement for all models of cars are offered by the vehicle

Features of a reputed agency offering Collision Repair Salisbury

Posted on February 22, 2018 by Salisbury

The Salisbury Collision Centre is a well known car repair agency in Salisbury. The agency is a specialist in all kinds of repairs of cars, motorcycles, boats and even bicycles and fridges. The agency caters to customers with varied kinds of vehicle problems such as collision damages

Advanced and professional vehicle Collision Repair Salisbury

Posted on by Salisbury

Damaged cars require only the best service to not only restore them to their original state, but also prevent future problems. The service technicians should be well versed with the various advanced techniques for carrying out repair works. The workshop must also be well equipped with the latest too