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Committed To The Environment

Salisbury Collision Centre is committed to the highest standard of environmental management and governance and has an environmental management system certified to the international standard ISO 14001.


Energy & Waste

Dustless sanding and recycling air conditioning gas are just a couple of methods Salisbury Collision Centre currently utilises to help reduce energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions. An innovative Baslac water-borne paint system also lowers solvent emissions, resulting in lower air pollution (when compared to conventional solvent-borne basecoat systems). Water usage is minimised whenever possible with the use of high-pressure water cleaners and an oil and grease trap waste protection system also minimises our environmental footprint.


Resources & Recycling

Dedicated recycling bins for steel, plastic bumpers, headlights & taillights, as well as paper and cardboard are part of the solution as Salisbury Collision Centre continually looks for opportunities to reduce the use of resources, improve energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


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