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Mag Wheel Painting

Mag Wheel Painting – Keeping Mag or Alloy Wheels in good condition is essential for driving safety as they are a part of the vehicle that can easily be damaged. When you’ve suffered a serious auto accident, you’ll find all the care and repairs you’ll need at Salisbury Collision Centre.

You don’t need to have auto insurance in order to get your wheels fixed and painted with Salisbury Collision Centre. Our workshop is always available for a wheel assessment and repair or paint job. We can fix most wheel damage and replace anything that we can’t fix, such as the rim or the hub of the wheel. Our team specialise in bringing old wheels back to life, repainting and repairing the alloy they’re made from so that everything looks as good as new, all at a reasonable cost and as quickly as possible.

Even if you haven’t been in a collision, it’s always a good idea to have your wheels checked every 12 months so that you can avoid tyre blowouts or other accidents in the future. So why wait any longer? Talk to one of our wheel specialists today! For a Free Estimate simply visit our workshop or Contact Us via phone or email and speak to one of our friendly staff for information about wheel repairs and painting.


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